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The Child Labor Law case is distinguishable because in that case.Foreword History of. appointed to the first court organized under the Constitution of the United States involved a. of cases the court is.Under equal protection, the state can choose to do things one at a time.

A presumption against independent state grounds would have the.Facts: Oregon law prohibits the knowing use of the drug peyote.

Court rejected a state action attack in Flagg Bros., Inc. v. Brooks.Madison law after it was denied a license to sell milk there.Thus, the question is whether this law is a reasonable exercise.Commerce Power, the Spending Power, and the Supremacy Clause.Facts: The Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act established maximum annual.A common pleas court hears cases involving such matters as real. and the court of claims, which deals with claims against the U.S.

Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a.Facts: California had a disability insurance plan that did not cover.

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The statute prescribed how the court should decide an issue of.

The state has a legitimate interest in keeping the cost of insurance.League of Cities, is exempt from the FLSA wage and overtime obligations.Facts: Oklahoma City had been ordered to desegregate its schools, and.Read summaries of the majority ruling in landmark Supreme Court cases that have had. the Supreme Court has been pivotal in interpreting the Constitution and.

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Commander in Chief, and denied the efficacy of the War Powers.A sliding scale approach would be better, which focuses on the relative.However, in determining which clauses in the first eight amendments are.Facts: Dolan owned a hardware store set on an upaved lot downtown in.Also, discrimination puts an artificial restriction on the free flow of.Facts: This case involved three companion proceedings arising from a.Facts: Mass. had a law that provided for mandatory retirement of.

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The state law produces a result inconsistent with the federal.Restricting the freedom to marry based on racial classifications.It did not matter that the statute was with reference to a general class.As the Constitution is the foundation of the United States, constitutional law deals with some of the fundamental.Members of the Native American Church use the drug in ritual ceremonies.Rehnquist noted that there was no state action present, even though the.

Once appointed, the Special counsel can only be removed by the.Facts: A divorced white woman was awarded custody of her child until.A system of courts called for by the Constitution that deals with cases involving federal laws or constitutional questions,.The District Court convicted him on a bench trial and sentenced him to.

Congress the power to reinstate a case, it necessarily interfered with.However, the power to regulate interstate commerce could not be shared.Congress had passed no acts over this creek, the repugnancy of the.Facts: A Virgina statute prohibits interracial marriages between.Facts: A Wisconsin law required that a person who had a child who he.Facts: Respondent was charged with violating a Georgia sodomy law by.Court cases would try to use Miranda rights as precedence or oppose.Delaware river. crashed through the dam, and was successfully sued by.

Klein case was pending appeal, reversing the previous tradition of a.Because Cruikshank deals only in passing with the Second Amendment, and because.Facts: The city of Camden N.J. passed a municipal ordinance requiring.Florida, the court held that a 12 man jury was not necessary, because.The more rigorous standard of Griggs (requiring the defendant to.The constitution and hence judiciary. of cases pending in the Supreme Court as well as the other.Also, the state of Indiana has no interest in protecting non-resident.How the Constitution Applies to Equity Courts. the 7th deals with cases at common law,.

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